Extending SCART from Sky+ through house



This may have been asked before but I can't see anything obvious.

I want to extend SCART from my Sky+ box in the living room to the kitchen, I already extend Coax by reverse feeding the Sky signal back into the house system and using a splitter in the loft to take it to every room but the picture is terrible and would like to know if any clever person has a way of extending the SCART output? :smashin:



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Scart cables are not generally available in lengths of more than about 5 metres, because signal quality tails off with more than that. Also, the sheer size of a scart plug makes putting through walls impractical. You could always try a wireless video sender.


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s-video is the easiest way to do it, long cables are affordable or you can easily make your own to whatever length - not only that but s-video and stereo audio distribution amps are within household kind of budgets too - RGB scart distribution amps and long cables are pricy


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I use a Philips digisender to put scart TV all round the house. Works very well unless the microwave is on.


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If you're feeding the signal back up the same piece of coax it's no wonder it's crap. You need to put a second run back up to the loft to carry the Sky signal along with everything else to your other tvs, signal will be fine then.

You'll want an amplifier as well, make sure it's one that passes the signal for the skylink blobs so you can control the box from elsewhere as well. I have this set up in my house so it passes signals for all my boxes...Sky+, DVD, VCR, TiVo, XBox and the picture is very good quality on the tvs in the kitchen, conservatory and each of the kids bedrooms. The VCR does the modulation for the DVD and XBox.


Thanks for the comments. b1g1an I think that you mis-understood me, I don't have a normal signal running from the loft it's all been unplugged, I'm just using the existing cabling throughout the house fed from the Sky+ box, hope that clears things up. mrmoo do you have any more info on the Philips gizmo?

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