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the system cable for my pioneer plasma screen would ideally need to be extended. pioneer supply 3m cable and offer a 10m. ideally I need to extend the 3m by 2m any suggestions. I need a cable with male connector one end and female the other they look as though the connectors are
DVI and a VGA which are combined into one cable I do say look ! as I am referring to the Maplin catalogue are there any obvious things I should worry about when extending this cable?

The 'system' cable comprises of a DVI cable + an MDR control cable - a VGA cable will not work.

There are no 'extension' cables for the MDR control cable as far as I can find - you can 'extend' DVI cables; though be warned the Pioneer kit can be pretty fussy about what DVI cables you use.

Better to consider 'replacing' the 3m twin headed system cable with a 5m DVI + 5m MDR cable kit.

BetterCables DVI cables are availed in 5m lengths and these can now be partnered with custom 5M MDR cables - there are also 15m BetterCables DVI + MDR cable kits available in the UK with 8m and 12m kits becoming available in the next few weeks.

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Thanks for the reply. my problem is that the plasma is installed on a wall and it would mean redecoration to change cables as they within conduit that has been plastered over, therefore an extention is my only option the DVI cable seems no problem. how much of a problem have I got with the MDR cable, what are the consequences of the MDR extention cable if it were to be made. Is it that the male to female connectors corrupt the signals required, could the required connection be made through a wall mounted box or would this just add to any problems
Hello pikepike

Pioneer system cable:

Extending the DVI cable - I wouldn't assume anything as far as sticking a DVI(F) to DVI(M) cable onto the end of your 'installed' cable. The Pioneer kit can be pretty fussy - you need a decent DVI cable.

MDR - it may be possible for you to cut the 'installed' cable and insert an extension piece; though again this can be hit and miss.

I haven't seen any MDR Female to Male 'extension' cables in any catalogues its always Male to Male.

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