Extending home network BT Home Hub 2


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Can anyone advise on this?

I have a home network with a BT Home Hub 2 as the router. This feeds into a 24 port Netgear switch which runs the network.

I have just run 2 cables to my garden office but I have no ports left in my switch. I do however have spare ports in my BT Home Hub (I only use one to feed into the switch).

If I connect the 2 garden office cables to the BT Home Hub will anything in the office see the whole network (specifically the NAS drive that I connected to the switch)?

If at any point I wanted more ports in the office and connected a switch there (connected directly to the router) will that cause issues? Or should I connect the office to switch instead and then the second switch will be daisy chained to the first 24 port switch?


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On the presumption that your Netgear switch is an unmanaged one, then connecting the two office cables to the spare ports on the HomeHub will be fine - all devices should see each other fine network wise. If you need you can then put a switch on the end of one or both of the cables in your office depending on how many devices you have. But don't put both cables into one switch or you will end up with a loop which is not good. It makes no difference if you put your cables into the Homehub or the existing switch.


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You ideally want any high bandwidth communication happening between devices on the same switch as that'll give you maximum speed and minimum impact on other devices.

So if your NAS has SSDs in it, or may get them in the forseeable future, then you may want to set it up so that the devices that make the heaviest use of it are on the same switch.


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Hi all

Thanks for all your help. If it helps the existing switch is a GS724Tv3.

I dont have SSDs in the NAS but will bear that in mind in the future.


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And I was thinking about getting a Netgear S8000 as the second switch but they seem to be discontinued......

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