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Extending Component Cables


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Right, I'm in the middle of planning a redesign for my bedroom AV setup, and I want to run the component cable from my forthcoming Xbox 360 up, out of the AV cupboard it will be contained in, across the loft, and then down into a ceiling bracket, before reaching the back of my Samsung LE32R51BD LCD telly.

Now, obviously, the proprietary Xbox 360 cable isn't going to be long enough to do all that, so I need to extend it.

What I need to know is if any component cables exist that extend directly from the component plugs. I'll try to explain what I mean: imagine the Xbox 360 cable, which will terminate in the usual five friendly component plugs. Is there a cable that has sockets at one end, that the Xbox 360's component plugs could be inserted into? Then the cable that the Xbox 360 lead is inserted into could run the rest of the way to the TV, and then be attached to the TV via its own component plugs?

Perhaps this diagram will explain what I'm driving at:

Xbox/===Xbox 360 Comp Cable===/connectors/===component cable===/TV

That looks really baffling now I read it all written down, but I can't phrase it any better without making my head melt.

Does such a cable exist, or will I have to shell out for a component switcher box?

On the slim chance anyone understands what I'm getting at, could they please reply and put me out of my misery??? :D


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You could always use a normal cable and one of these

Or try Mark Grant in the powerbuys forum, he'll probably be able to make you a cable to spec.

Joe Fernand

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Hello Croker

Relatively painless to spec a VanDamme Mini Red series 'Component' cable with RCA Female sockets on one end of the cable to allow you to 'extend' the X-Box cable.

Best regards


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