Extended Warrenty


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Anyone bother with extended warranties on your PS?

I got a offer from a supermarket ordering 5 years for £50... Thinking i might go for it...


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I advise you to read the small print, and Google the provider to see what service they actually provide.


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I picked up an extended warranty on my slim at HMV when I traded in my flakey 60Gb.

I thought at least if it was sold by the retailer you could go to a store and create a lot of fuss if they start playing silly buggers with the small print.


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I purchased a 3 year extended warranty on my Slim after my 40GB phat console suffered the YLOD. I know that we should technically be covered under trading standard laws for more than 12 months, but for what little I paid (around £20) I'd rather have peace of mind & (hopefully) less stress if I have to claim outside of my initial 12 month manufacturers warranty.

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