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Extended warranties in general get a very bad press but I have to say that whilst I'm very wary and don't take them out on a lot of stuff, I've just reaped the benefits with an amazing deal.

Five years ago I bought a Sony KP41S4 from Comet and figured I'd take the extended warranty. It cost £300 but because rear projection sets can be expensive to fix I did it.

After a year or so it went wrong because a roof leak let water into it and it needed a new PCB and tube (click up over £1000 of repair value).

The best bit, however, is it went wrong again a few weeks ago with only a week or so left on the warranty (Phut, bang, no picture).

A few weeks passed as they tried to source the bits but then they called and offered a replacement.

The upshot is that after a lot of um and arring (Comet don't have the best range of sets and a few are end of line) I went for the LG RE40NZ60RB.

I looked at plasma and all the other sets and considered making up the difference but the result is: I got a new widescreen set (old one was 4:3), I got a new 5 year extened warranty, I got a new 17" TFT monitor for my PC and, oh, they gave me £20 back as well. Well chuffed.

The bit that impressed me most was that not only were they prepared to replace the set but also give me the full value of my original purchase price.

The moral is, some kit is expensive to fix, technology moves on, so if is does go wrong, you might just end up with the latest kit and more to boot.

BTW, it wasn't just the poor quality of the cheap plasmas that put me off, an extended warranty on one of those would have been £1200! Hardly surprising considering the nature of the screen (and Comet DO cover screen burn) but factor that into the cost and, well, I'm not in that league.


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so you saw it working at comet? what was the picture like?

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Extended warranties are a bit of a gamble.

I took one out on a Dishwasher and had over 20 call outs during a ten year period, as just about everything that could fail did fail.

At the same time I took one out on a Washing Machine which has been fault free for ten years.

As they say, some you win and some you lose.

On the other hand, what price peace of mind?

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Hi ticktock,

I bought a new television last month and reading your post has made me so pleased I took out a five year guarantee. My last expensive television had four repairs in its second year and we had to transport this 32" heavy beast to the repair centre 25 miles away and back. Expensive repairs too (£150 for a new tuner) etc. The Grundig, one of the early 100 Hz had cost £1900 from Harrods so we struggled to keep it! I vowed then to take out a five year warranty with my next television. Eventually it survived until last year with a few dry joint repairs.

Your warranty with Comet was certainly worthwhile and I am amazed with the deal you had, a new television at the end of all this and another five year warranty! You must be walking on air. I'm really glad for you.
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