Extended Warranty for DLP

I apreciate that their our already threads mentioning extended warranty for DLP but I'm on borrowed time before the internet police at work get me, and for the love of God was unable to find any existing links!

My question is, can anyone recommend a decent extended warranty which also covers bulbs for DLP rear projection TV's (In particular my Sammy SP50)

Thanks in advance


Can't help you with the warranty but i've seen a lot of people mention the need for one.
I'm about to buy a DLP or a 3LCD and the one thing i can't find on these forums is exactly how much the replacement bulbs are.
Does anyone know?


John Lewis cover bulbs within their 5 year warranty, just got this from the newcastle branch this morning

Hello Rob

Yes, I can confirm the bulb is covered by our warranty

Kind regards

Graeme Booth
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warrantyex will also cover the bulb - £280 for 5 years cover


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In reply to spork :

I asked the same question in person at the Edinburgh JL store and was told the exact opposite :confused:

I was told a bulb going or blowing or ceasing to work would probably be taken as "wear & tear through normal usage" so wouldn't be covered by their 5 year warranty. I suppose if it could be proved or found that a fault with the TV (should it occur and let's hope that's never the case !!) caused the bulb to go, then they would be obliged to replace the bulb as well as fix the TV IMO.

As I've said in other threads on this subject, it would be best to get any confirmation of the "general bulb replacement question" in writing (seems you have already spork - good for you :) ).

I'm being ever more persuaded towards the SONY so, as and when I can order from JL (either on website or in store - Edin JL don't stock the SONY A12 :mad: ), I will definitely be making sure the warranty bulb dilemma is covered off.


With regard to warranties how often do DLP sets actually go wrong?
In 20 odd years of owning various CRT sets i have only ever had a TV break down once which cost under £100 to repair.
I have noticed that most manufacturers give a one or two year warranty with their product. As an example Comet state on their website that they will repair a TV free of charge if it falls under the manufacturers warranty. Assuming this is 2 years does the Comet "extended" warranty of 3 years begin AFTER this 2 year period or does it run concurrently. If so the 3 year warranty is actually only a 1 year warranty.

I understand that bulbs do need to be replaced on DLP's and this may or may not be under warranty, but even if it is not, but lets assume the bulb is fine for 2 years. A new bulb now is i beleive around the £300 mark, in 2 years that is likely to be considerably less, say £200. Is an extended warranty that costs say £200 really worth it?

So back to my original point, how important is it to spend cash on a warranty for this type of set?

Any advice or past experiences would be greatly recieved as i am soon to purchase a DLP set.


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Hi there,
I believed that my John Lewis guarantee on my HD45 G4 covered bulbs. The John Lewis price was £100 over the best price I could find on the net, and that was from an internet firm I'd never heard of, but included the warranty. My logic was that extending Sagems automatic 2 yr warranty to 5 for c£100 was well worth it. I am also informed that JL do turn up and take telly away when asked!


I just emailed john lewis customer care they then passed it to my local shop (newcastle) got a reply back from the A V manger for the store which says they do so I've now ordered the 50" Sony

Worth asking them via email if your buying from them then you've got it in writing

Quote from email to customer care
"could you tell me if your five year warranty covers the bulb or are they classed as consumable?"


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If you read the Guarantees section on the John Lewis site...
...you will see that one of the exclusions from the guarantee is "Consumer replaceable items including, but not limited to, batteries, light bulbs and other consumables" which I think you will find the lamp in a DLP TV is considered both a bulb and user replaceable.
The only way to be sure of having the lamp guaranteed would be to get it in writing, not e-mail, duly signed by someone with authority.
Also consider that if a lamp has an expected life span of 10,000 hours then with 1 hour in the morning, 6 hours in the evening and 14 hours on Saturday and Sunday it should only last about 3 years. Why would they then guarantee it for 5 years?


I seen that before I asked them but a few old wifes tales mention they do cover them so I thought best drop them an email, if the bulb goes within the warranty period I'll try them see if my lucks in if not I'll just buy one or something else big and shiney.

We all know the bulb will go its just a matter of when!


This is from the Sagem web site...i don't know how their estimations compare to other manufacturers but it is just an example....

What is the lifespan of the DLP SAGEM AXIUM™ lamp? What difference does ECO mode make ?

The lifespan of the DLP AXIUM lamp is between 6000 to 8000 hours.

With average use (average use based on 28 hours per week) the SAGEM AXIUM™ the lamp lifespan is 5 to 6 years.

The ‘ECO’ mode (slightly less bright) enables a gain of approximately 2000 hours.

A new lamp enable the DLP AXIUM to have a picture quality as good as a new TV.

The lifespan of the optical component is about 100 000 hours, 3 times more than a plasma TV.

So a bulb may not even last 2 years!....so check those warranties VERY carefully guys!

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