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I am going to buy a PIO 436 XDE. The retailer is giving me the hard sell on 3 year warranty, (it was Comet by the way). He reckoned I would need to upgrade the 12 month supplier warranty to at least a three year extended warranty. The cost was about £400 !!

What are peoples experiences of extended warranties, any good or just a way of making extra dosh. Anybody taken out a third party warranty after a purchase?



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I too have bought the 436XDE with only one years warranty so any ideas on this would be welcome as I need to purchase some extra cover.

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I bought Six years with my 506XDE for £599. The man said it covers screen burn and stuck pixels, although people on these boards say it doesn't.


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Well they will play on the fact that the goods cost a couple of grand wont they, so a fee of £400 to cover it seems a small price to pay, but shop around if you really want the warranty, remember your household insurance will cover accidental damage (if you have the accidental damage running), also if that unit you are looking at is in Richer Sounds then they just charge you £10 per £100 for cover on the panel, so a £2k panel will cost £200 to cobver for an extra 3 years, many other retailers both in a shop or online will offer other warranties etc at a smaller price, if you are looking for extended warranties with your purchase it really does pay to shop around, if the unit costs £50 more in one place but teh cover is £100 cheaper then there you go that could be a better buy, but ultimately it is down to you, go and have a shop around and really think about it, best of luck and keep us all informed of what you decide to do.

Also, enjoy your screen when you get it, I have had mine about 2 months now and I could never go back to our old 28" CRT!!!



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Bear in mind that the retail price of a similar product, in a year's time, will in all probability be a lot less than it is now. Which puts a somewhat different perspective on the cost of a warranty, priced at 20% (was it) of today's cost of the goods.

Shop sold EWs are rarely good value. Their hard sell is simply because they actually make much more on the warranty than on the merchandise.

Better, if you do feel the need (and I don't consider they are necessary), to buy cover directly from Domestic & General.


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get them to include the warranty in the price then after paying for it cancel the warranty, best to do this in the shop to see the look on their faces!!!

If you have a problem, try moving the plasma from one place to another and perhaps you drop it and then claim on house insurance.

No need for an extra warranty and a decrease in the price!!


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covers like comet's cover the purchase price and dont have depreciation, most insurance especially d+g have quite a big deprecitation on them, thats something definately worth looking at.

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i got my pv500 from the panny shop and got 3yr warranty as standard, not bad in my view


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Don't be expecting anything spectacular with the Tadlassit prices. You will find that they are slightly cheaper than the In Store options.


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TADL Assist do not have an online quote/order system.
I emailed them, and they got back to me within about 30 minutes with
a quote, and details of what it covered.
Roughly the same price as Domestic and General, the difference being
that TADL offer a next day loan unit if they have to take yours away for repair........

As a footnote, I actually filled in all the paperwork for a Domestic and General warranty, and sent it off. Complied with all their T&Cs............and had my paperwork returned saying that the offer was no longer valid :mad:

Ah well, looks like they've lost a customer !


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