Extend freeview aerial without re-wiring




I want to extend the aerial point in bedroom 1 to the room below, its thick walls and dont really fancy drilling through to run coax extension.

Are there any products on the market that send the signal over mains or wirelessly?

If not what is the best indoor freeview aerial available? Postcode B1 2EJ


i know there are products on the market for connecting computers over 230v mains wiring, but am not aware of any for TV unfortunately or wireless kits which will send a full signal.

daisy chaining coax is not really recommended, eg, connecting one socket direct to another, you would normally use a splitter, or have 2 feed cables for 2 rooms, i have just checked your areas signal strength and it is 58dBuV which is strong enough to recieve freeview with a small aerial, and no amplification, so you should be able to use an indoor bedroom type aerial if this is what you meant. Your transmitter is only 9 miles away


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Indoor aerials do not work well with freeview unless you place near a window that is directly facing the transmitter - and that the transmitter is not too far away.

The postcode is of little help in cases of indoor aerials, you will only find out if it works by an actual setup - which MAY just work but in all likelihood probably won't.



That aerial has been specifically designed for digital indoor use.
it has a gain of 25±1 according to the product leaflet, so there is no reason why it shouldnt work, only risk with this product though, is if it does work, it will work too well and you could be left with a signal which is too strong.

That is another ok digital set top aerial, with a less gain, of 15dB

But i am no expert on indoor aerials.

so i could be wrong so im not claiming to know everything, and if i am wrong i apoligise.

but for freeview to have an ideal signal the strength i was informed should be between, 55 to 60dBuV, even at 53dbUv it should work, or less, i have known freeview to work on signals as low as 40dBuV, but i know it does depend on the area, so just because it worked there wont mean it will work everywhere.

your transmitter is only 9 miles away, and has an estimated signal transmission strength of 58dBuV...so bearing in mind alignment, and the fact it is indoors you should still recieve a reasonable signal i assume.

But as Royold said, indoor aerials are usually a hit and miss scenario so you can only know by trying it.
the reason for this is because they dont have the signal focusing power of a normal aerial, alignment, walls, and height are other issues.

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