Exposure 2010s, Audioquest Copperhead interconnect, Russ Andrews Classic Powerkord

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    I am hoping someone may be able to help. I'm looking at a second hand Exposure 2010s CDP at around the £300 mark. I really want to buy it but would like to know if anyone has one and how they rate it!

    I've read in What Hi-fi that its great but would like to get more than 1 opinion.

    The seller is also recommending it be used with an Audioquest Copperhead interconnect (£100) and a Russ Andrews Classic Powerkord (another £100) as when the player was demonstrated to him they used these components and he bought them.

    Does anyone have this variety of interconnects and do they really give £200 worth of improvements to the sound?

    If anyone can give me any information to help me decide what to do as my old player (Pioneer PD-77) is knackered and I've had no music since August. :thumbsdow

    Your advice is much appreciated.


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