exporting wmm2 files for dvd burning


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Hope someone can help.

Is it possible to somehow turn Windows moviemaker 2 projects into a format that can then be burned to DVD.

I have a number of authoring and editing programs, including Sonic My DVD, Ulead and EZDV but for this particular project found them too complicated to use. All I wanted to do is create chapters so that I can go straight to the scene I need from a menu. Movie maker allows me to do this easily and save the project on my hard disk, from there I have tried to export into orther programs but the chapters seem to disapear.

So in short how can I transfer a movie maker 2 project to DVD ?




MM2 is not an authoring prog and does not allow you AFAIK to create chapters, only edit scenes.
To get chapters and menus you will need to copy the edited AVI files from MM2 into an authoring prog that does create them. Any of the authoring progs will be able to import the AVI files and convert them to MPEG-2, DVD complient files.

If this is a one off project then you can get the excellent Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3 authoring prog as a free 30 day trial from www.ulead.co.uk and if you like the prog it can be bought online for around £25.



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Thanks for the reply.

When I say I added menu's, what I had actually done is gone through the entire project and inserted scene headings which mm2 allows which I thought would then be saved as some sort of scene list so I could go directly to the scene I wanted to see.



No - no DVD authoring programme works quite like that - you have to actually create menus yourself.

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