Export cover art like Zappiti or XBMC to PS3?


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Can I export / see any cover art on my PS3 Twonky share as is available with XBMC or exporting to Dune with Zappiti ie cover art streamed from NAS (QNAP 412) to PS3 with NAS Twonky ?

Is it just plain and simple as dropping in the cover art in same folder as Vid ?
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You can do at basic coverart but it's tiny on screen, I don't think Twonky support it, you would have to switch over to Serviio for which there is a QNAP version. Serviio can do media scraping of it's own accord or use the data from XBMC scrapers if it exists as jpg/nfo files in the folder.

DLNA is not designed for jukeboxes so it's not possible to replicate Zappiti or XBMC style jukeboxes through it.


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Hi and thanks Next010
Is this my only option being that looking to get a Dune soon and Zappiti will be use for that upstairs and ps3 downstairs is there such a thing as one thing fits all ?


Would I be better just using PS3 for what it is and getting media streamers for any video/tv point in house ( as could get rad expensive )?

;) perhaps I want my cake and eat it with as little physical disruption ie network plugs not ethernet wired just yet , best of both worlds etc. with min expenditure possible ( through this and others of my postings I am starting to formulate what I can really do aka what my misses wants and what I would like if money, time etc was possible ).

I'll stop rambling so my main points of this thread don't get list. See first bit for my main q's :mad:)


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Ultimately it depends on what your trying to do.
* If you want jukebox plus full BD menus & a BD drive then you need HDI Dune or Popcornhour players.

* The Popcornhour A300/C300 have a semi-automatic jukebox, you dont need a PC to set it up, the player can scan folders but it works like XBMC you must manually initiate a scan update from time to time.

* If you want fully automatic jukebox with no need for PC setup or manual scans get Boxee Box but Boxee Box does not do BD menus so use MakeMKV on Blu-ray's.

* If you want cheap and easy to use player get the WDTV Live, no BD menus and no jukebox for NAS content, it does have one for USB, I think there are firmware hacks which allow it some jukebox style views over network.


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Well now,
BD - Yes
Ease of use / Jukebox like function - Yes
Automated Scrapeing - probably
Flexible / editable scrape'er - probably

So have been looking at getting Dune 301
Have been recommended Boxee Box as its got automated scrape in a box ( so to speak) albeit is not a customisable as Zappiti or ( the other one I keep forgetting the name of jamj or like ).

Cheers again need to think of what I'd really like and what is, currently easiest and provides function misses wants to without too much faffing.
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