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I am having a problem with my PC a something called explorer.exe. I have started transferring my old tapes from my mini dvd camcorder to my PC, I found this easy enough just plug the camcorder in to PC via a FireWire cable, windows knew what I was doing and started the transfer wizard, a couple of clicks and away it went. It transferred made 6 avi files which I converted to mp4 pretty easily. Then when I came to delete the avi files windows stuck at discovering files and stayed that way for ages. I rebooted the PC and it was exactly the same, this is when I noticed that explorer.exe was using 90-100% of the CPU. I booted into safe mode and was able to delete the files no problem, thinking it was all ok I did the next tape, again transferred no problem, converted to mp4 no problem but again I could not delete the files without going into safe mode. I have over 50 tapes which will take long enough to do without having to go to safe mode to make my PC usable after each tape. Does anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Cheers, Dean.


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Explorer.exe is the windows interface and file browser, from your description it sounds like it was calculating, or trying to calculate something to do with the files.

It doesn't solve the problem but you could try setting the folder view to 'list', that way it won't have to show previews or metadata but just the file information.


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Cheers for the replies. I will look into the hot fix and try changing the view to list when I get chance. I asked the so called IT man at work and he suggested maybe it's time to buy a mac :rolleyes:

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