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I have had two pieces of equipment - an amp and my video - "blow up" on me in the last month (i.e. dead as a dodo apart from the odd humming or clicking noise when power is applied).

Anyone know what is doing this? I have all my decent kit hanging off an HMS Energia power adaptor (very high end and expensive) - and I am sure there wasn't a thunderstorm when either event happened. I am sure everything is earthed correctly and I have a surge suppressor fitted to all my aerial connections.

Should I be putting something between my mains and the HMS Energia? A surge suppressor or UPS or something? What kind of UPS can you use for this?

Help! This is getting expensive ....



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Lightning may not be the only cause, also a surge caused by the energy supplier or even other equipment around or inside your house could be at fault.
Perhaps you need a semi-professional lightning and overvoltage protection installation, but it won't be cheap so it could be worth it in the long run.


I really would suggest getting your mains checked out just in case its somethig that is going to continue.

Its doesnt sound very good and I would be either inclinded to get the source problem checked out before you make really expensive purchases on surge-protecting equipment. Also, have you ruled out the fact of co-incidence of two faulty pieces of equipment that just happened to blow at the same time? I guess it pretty unlikely, but possible.

Either that, or keep some bread handy for toasting for the next time it happens.:devil: :)

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