Explanation of cable spec (newbie question)


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I am looking at buying some long runs of speaker cable, and I'm not sure that I can afford good quality cable.

What I'm after is an explanation of the technical spec of cable

Conductors 2 x 1.5mm2
Inner conductors 189 x 0.10mm(27 / 7 / 0.10mm)

Does this mean that it consists of 189 individual strands twisted into 27 bundles of 7 strands that are then twisted together?? (educated guess)

And would these specs be suitable for rear speakers with 8m lengths?


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The conductor size in mm2 is the cross sectional area of the cable, 1.5mm2 is the same cross section as used on a house wiring lighting ring.

189 x 0.10 is 189 strands of 0.1mm diameter.

27/7/0.1 as you suggest is the bundling, although I think it is the other way around, 7 bundles of 27 strands etc.

What output power are you delivering to your rear speakers? It would be fine for most systems.

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Thanks for that :)

I am getting a yamaha htr-5640 which give 110w per channel.
The speakers will be mission M71i but they won't be pushed too hard!

I have been trying to read the stacks of material available on speaker cable (theres plenty of it!), and figure that for now (with a limited budget) that this sort of cable will suffice, and with more knowledge, experience and money! I will look at upgrading in the future.

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