explain some lcd tech specs for me


well the monitor im getting says it has the following

# 250cd/m2 brightness.

# 550:1 contrast ratio.

# 16ms response time.

# TCO 99 compliant.

and some other bits i already know about, but what do the above 4 mean, i think i may know the definition of he contrast ratio, the high the number the higher the contrast right? or wrong? :rotfl:

aint too shabby with lcds so any help appreciated, thnx!


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250 cd/m2 is 250 candelas (a measure of light brightness - candles) per square metre, ie how bright your screen is.

Contrast is kind of obvious, black vs white, eh on a plasma, black is brighter than off as the plasma pixel has to remain charged to operate.

16ms response time. The average time in miliseconds for a pixel to go from on-state to off state or vice versa. A lot of fast monitors do a kind of cheating here, the truest mesaure is gray to gray time, but that's not always quoted. This is a very hard number to measure as manufacturers use different standards. One general fact is that colours may be better/truer on a slower monitor.

pass on TCO 99 - but everyone has it. Like a car and seatbelts

See tomshardware.com which has a special section on monitors for much better explanations.

Chris Muriel

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I believe TCO99 is a Swedish specification concerning the amount of hazardous emissions from the monitor.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.
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