Explain it like I'm 5! Best way to connect SVS SB1000 Pro with Roksan K3 Integrated amp.


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Hi everyone. I'm looking into buying my first sub ever (SVS SB 1000 Pro potentially) and want to connect it to my Roksan K3 integrated AMP + pair of Monitor Audio Gold 10's.

Searching on the forum I found someone helping another person who owns a K3 by saying:

"Connect the AVR sub-out to the LFE input of the SB-2000 Pro. Connect the L/R pre-outs of the Roksan K3 to the other RCA input of the SB-2000 Pro.
Use a 1M-2F RCA splitter at the subwoofer to combine both channels of the Roksan.
When the subwoofer is playing a signal from the AVR the SB-2000 LPF should be set to Off (LFE mode active).
When the subwoofer is playing a signal from the Roksan, the SB-2000 LPF should be set to On (LFE disabled) and set to whatever frequency results in a good blend/transition with the mains speakers in the 2.1 system. If you tell us the brand/model speaker I can make a starting recommendation for the LPF frequency and slope.
The AVR input and the Roksan input will likely also have different SB-2000 Pro volume settings. So after you get all the settings for each input where you want them, you can create a custom preset for each input so you can easily/quickly switch between them using the app."

Can someone please explain this to me like I'm a five year old? English is not my first language and I got a bit lost reading all this. Does the above explain both type of connections, low and high level and if yes do I need to do both to get the best result? What cables should I get in this case?

Not quite sure I understand what they mean by the two different ways the sub is playing the signal from? When would that happen?

Sorry if I sound stupid but any help is greatly appreciated :)


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You would connect pre-out 1 on your amp to the input on the SVS then adjust to suit - what you quoted above refers to connecting an integrated amp to an AV receiver and having a sub work with both independently.
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