EXPERTS PLEASE! Panasonic 42" G10 (TXP42G10) OR Toshiba 46" LCD (46XV635DB)


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For roughly the same price..

A 42" plasma, or a 46" lcd???
Panasonic TX-P42G10B PLASMA SCREEN review cheap prices TX-P42G10B PLASMA SCREEN Panasonic best buy discount online uk shop
Toshiba Regza 46XV635DB 46-inch Widescreen Full HD: Electronics & Photo

Im looking for someone to say something SUPER-SMART that will allow me to make a firm decision between these 2 sets ASAP!!!

Apps in order of priority:
1. Xbox360
2. DVDs most of the time but also bluray.
3. Use it as a PC screen too
4. TV and occasional sports.

My dilemma:
I have a "feeling" that the PQ will be better on the plasma, but 46" is a huge step up for the same price and given that the LCD vs Plasma argument seems to be divided equally in population terms, im willing to consider that the PQ difference may be negligible.

What Im looking for:
SUPER-SMART, CONCISE comments that will make me go "OK, Im going for THAT ONE!"

(Do i need to mirror this post in the LCD forum as well to get a more complete response profile?)

Thank you!!
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Jim Di Griz

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Well I freely admit to knowing nothing about the Toshiba but I will bet that the G10 would wipe the floor with it.

But Id go for a bigger screen size if you can (depending on viewing distance).

I wouldnt use a Plasma for a lot of PC use.

Im very positive that you would get a far more realistic picture and far better blacks on the G10 than that Toshiba. But if youre not sure check some reviews on both TV's. The G10 has a review on this site, not sure about the Toshiba though.


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Don't know the Toshiba model BUT willing to bet that the G10 will have better blacks and will handle films and sport better than the Tosh. The only benefit for the Tosh (IMHO) is the larger screen - if you can stretch to 46G10 then it's no contest!!!


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jim, why do you recommend i avoid PC use with the plasma? I hear that the days of "burn-in" etc. are long gone?

also.. the other advantage of the LCD im considering is the weight and thickness.. (i move homes quite frequently)

Jim Di Griz

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The days of burn-in with plasma are indeed gone.

But image retention is still an issue with some plasmas.

However, Panasonics are especially resistant to IR and I hardly ever see it on my G10 or my old PX60.

But...I would be very wary of using it as a PC display for long periods. I would imagine icons and windows on screen for a long time could leave a lot of IR. Shouldnt be a problem - as long as you were careful.


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So i read some articles on image retention... and how plasmas need a "break-in" period.

Now, if "break-in" mitigates the risk of image retention, WHY dont manufacturers just sell the TVs "pre-broken-in"???

Jim Di Griz

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Most people agree that a "break in" period isnt needed these days. Some people do it for the first 100 hours just to be on the safe side. I wouldnt worry about it in any case.

S Bibby

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The days of burn-in with plasma are indeed gone.

But image retention is still an issue with some plasmas.
It's actually the same thing, and it would be more of a risk with PC use so I wouldn't recommend using a Plasma TV for this purpose. The Toshiba is probably a Sony/Samsung S-PVA panel but I'm not certain - it could be a Sharp panel also. S-PVA/SVA tend to have good Contrast and Colour though the viewing angle is average so you won't get the best picture from wider angles ie. 40+ degrees. The Toshiba is a 100hz model and I believe you get a 3 Year warranty on Toshiba XV series models. I haven't seen this one but I think they have a few in Comet and John Lewis - you get a 5 Year warranty from Lewis but Comet will try to sell you 3/5 Year deal so I would rather claim the Tosh warranty in that case.

I saw your post in the LCD forums and all I can say is that you probably know as much as most of the people here so it is best to look for yourself and compare reviews/feedback where possible.
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Yeah so i went into JL today and stared at both of them like a zombie for about 20 minutes. They both looked stunning.

I noticed the G10 had some "graininess" to the picture when compared to the Tosh LCD.. is that a characteristic of plasmas in general?

Its a hard decision now.

I wish one of them was free. It would make the decision so much easier.

Killswitch 73

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hello there

well i had a 47Z3030DB untill i dropped it a few months ago was a very good tv for a pc screen ..excpet for the blue screen of death once in a while...something to do with the regza series tvs ...and it has popped up in these forums a couple of times ...

well i really loved my tv...blu-rays were fantastic..sound was also good...

but standard deff tv..was ...errrrr welll not very was awafull ...i had tv calibrated and becuase the tv had only 1 user setting for all imputs it was frustrating but i did gert used to it...

as i said before i dropped it and now insurance has paid out,,,im NOT going to buy another LCD ...

why you ask ...very bad motion .. films , sport ..and also ghosting on bad tv channels..freesat from the humax box i have was good but still got same p[roblems..of course bbchd was fine and so was itv1hd ...the blacks was ok but not brill and on 16.9 movies with black bars you can see a little back light bleeding ..however they are only good for gaming ...i.e xbox 360 , ps3 , or pc...nothing else...i had 4 plasmas before the lcd and plasma blow the lcd away ...

im now going to buy a 50in panasonic V10 soon its in my budget range with a decent warranty..

i have £1400 to spend...

oh...and i will aslo be gaming on the new plasma and pc gaming ...but no internet browsing as i can do that on my laptop ...

just make sure you use a screen saver on pc for every 1 minute not using the pc..that way there will be no IR ..

im never going back to LCD on tyhe basis that plasmas are just better and lcds are only good for upto 32in and nothing more ..

so to answer your question ...go with the panasonic G10 ..and with plasmas ..bigger the better for full HD ..go and spread your wings and get 46in g10 ..

you wont be sorry..

Jim Di Griz

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Yeah for the minimal price difference you might as well get the 50"!

Do it - you wont regret it. :)

I wouldnt worry about PC use on the plasma myself. It would be other people using it I would be worried about to be honest! Like the post above says, as long as you were diligent with the screen saver there shouldnt be much of a problem.

I keep my PC very far away from the TV though - thats just me though!

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