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Expert, unbiased reviews for phone suggestions please!!

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by mishmish78, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. mishmish78


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    I am really torn between the following phones as they have all scored well on another website I use for reviews called reviewcentre.com, and would like any further informative input. The phones are, the Nokia 6230, Nokia 7610 and the Sony Ericsson k700i. They are all available at amazing deals but am unsure what to go for. I previously had a sony ericsson t610 - a good all round phone that I couldn't really fault-which I am selling off on ebay as we speak because I have had it for a year and a bit now, and will be needing a phone soon. I have also had a samsung T100 over a year and a half ago..not amused..and nokias previous to that. Orange have told me that I can get them all free of charge on an upgrade, but don't know which to go for as I think that nokia and sony ericsson are both very good makes. I am not really bothered about MP3 players, or even bluetooth at that, never really had the need to use it, and that goes for IR too!! I know, I know, where have I been living all this time??!! Size isn't a total issue either as I've had clunky phones such as the LG 8110 on 3 at the mo. I am looking for sturdiness, durability, reliability and minimum software problems/glitches. A good camera would also be preferred as the camera on the t610 was very poor and grainy, and the picture quality and brightness on the LG 8110 is always dull no matter what brightness setting I use. Thanks

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