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Hi guys,

I am looking to buy my first flat screen and wondered if there is a consensus as to what I should buy. Have looked around the web and this forum and it is a mine field !! Whilst I am an intelligent person, my expertise does not cover entertainment hardware.

Here are my thoughts:

4ms refresh (if this matters, have read somewhere it does)
want a 46" LCD (guess this is better than plasma these days)
min of 2 pref 3 HDMI slots (guess it should be HDMI 1.3 ? (what is 1.3 anyway?))
have a budget of around 3k for TV and can also buy a Blueray or HD-dvd player (anyones guess which way the industry wind will blow on that one!!)
I watch lots of sports so will upgrade from Sky+ to Sky HD so do not want anything with any lag for fast moving camera work. So it must play/convert/upgrade 1080i to a good level. And preferably normal SD channels broadcast via sky.
thinking of getting a PS3 (not a big gamer but it plays 1080p films)
have tried reading the threads regarding sony 46X2000U, but too many threads to decipher it all !!

Basically can someone recommend what current, or soon to be released TV I should buy, what dvd player (or will PS3 do for now ) and is it worth getting any form of external converter/amp etc (additional funds for that).

Also, just in case it matters, I do not use any terrestrial AV input , for last few years only use Sky as an input as i don't see the point of terrestrial input.

thanks in advance



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think I am asking too much lol

ok, any recommendations on current or future TV I can buy that is good for films, sport, sky hd and good on SD too. I will figure the rest out. 46" 2.5-3k budget. Def want 1080p and think I need 4ms (but not sure on that one)

Don't want to go and buy say sony X series if they or other good makes will soon be bring out later models.

any thoughts appreciated.


I started looking at LCD screens around 40 to 46 inch, in particular the Sony X and W series. However, after reading a lot of the info in these forums (especially about problems with Sony LCD panels) I decided to go plasma and bought a Panasonic 42PX600, end of range because I think new sets are imminent. Cost was only £1200.
I use this with a Sky HD box and upscaling Sony DVD player (only £99) and the picture on SD and HD is superb.

Viewing LCD sets in the stores and at friends houses I'm not convinced that even 4ms refresh eliminates the ghosting on football, which I watch frequently.

I finally decided that if I bought a set for around £1000 and get 5 years from it then I'll be fairly happy. If I spent £2500 on a 46 inch Sony X I would want 10 years and the technology seems to move so quickly I will probably want to upgrade earlier.

Hope this helps,


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Tony thanks,

Something else to think about !!

I haven't even considered buying a plasma as I get the impression this is a fading technology and everything is moving away from it.

Damn, back to the research now to research the plasma option lol

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