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OK, I am building a unit into a fireplace in a basement. It will be about 8 foot wide and something like 2.6ft deep. I have the pmc cb6 for the centre and mains and need to add a sub.

Thoughts are obviously a svs 13ultra, but am considering a bk monolith or indeed a pair of monoliths under the mains or a pair of SB12+ (budget option, but may work well).

I have a BFD and wonder if it can control both subs from one unit?

I would like it to work well with music and 'slam' with movies.

Could do with some experienced hands here for guidance.

Please give me some pointers as I have read until my eyes bleed and have not come to any hard conclusions.


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Buy the Ultra. Problem solved.:thumbsup:

Seriously, my one reservation regarding SVS subs ie, their music performance (which was just okay) was removed in one fell swoop the first time I got one of the new 13 Ultras in my room. I'd never been quite convinced by their timing, even though the cleanliness and depth of output was beyond reproach for the money - the bass never seemed to quite propel music in the way that my humble Monolith does even though that obviously lacks in all other objective and subjective qualities.

No such trouble with the 13U though; It dances lightly like a proverbial light, dancey thing, but backs it up with absolute sledgehammer authority down to stupid Hertz that lifts movies to another level.

I can't think of two of anything that are worth buying in comparison.

BTW, I take it the chimney to the fireplace will be well sealed off? Think of it like a huge organ ipe with it's own resonant frequency and would therefore likely create a huge suckout at it's resonant frequency.

Placing the sub in the fireplace itself, may cause issues too, but as always with room modes nothing is ever nailed on. Just bear in mind that the fireplace is effectively an extra set of dimensions within the room that will have their own attendant room modes. How they'll interact with the rooms main dimensions is anybodies guess, but it's just worth bearing in mind that in the fireplace may not be the best spot for any sub.


blue max

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Russell, I really appreciate your response. You make a lot of sense and I have a lot of respect for your opinion :thumbsup:

Whilst it is disappointing to hear my preferred option is not likely to work too well, it is better to hear it from a forum member rather than gamble with my limited cash. In that respect, I am very happy, but obviously disappointed that my solution would not deliver the goods.

Hope my query helps someone else too.


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