Experiment time-Samsung LEM86/7-Panny LXD70 & Virgin +


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Aug 20, 2002
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Hi guys.

Got it down to these two now. :clap:

At the minute i have a Samsung LE40R73 with one HDMI input.
I do have
Oppo 981 HDMI
Virgin + box.

Yesterday i bought a Logik HDMI switchbox. So far it looks fine.
I watched Kill Bill HD this morning.. excellent.

However i watch lot of Standard definition stuff. So i want the owners of the Sammy LEM87 & Panny LXD70 to do a little experiment for me before i decide on my new TV.

Obviously you will have to have the Virgin + box.

I want you to go to the catch up on demand opyion and watch the first episode first season of Shameless. All of which should be free.

I find it very squrery (if thats a word) in the nightclab and some other parts.

Do you still have the same problems with the Sammy & Panny.

Please help me out here. :D


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