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Hi all, just looking for some advices really on two speaker stands I'm thinking of getting. The wife has given permission to upgrade my rear speakers currently I have Cambridge audio minx 22, aesthetically they don't match my dali spektor fronts (issue point for wife) and when I play multi channel stereo they don't really cut the mustard. I'm going to get some spektor 1's which I've currently got in my home office and I'm really pleased with.
The two stands I'm contemplating are the Spitfire Designs Coniston black oak
Or the dali e 600 connect
The spektor 1's are between £160-£180 new
The Spitfire stands are £140 on avonline
The dali stands are £150 cheapest I e found.
Av online have said they do the Spitfire stands and spektors for £260 incl post
Exceptional Av have said they'd do the dali stands and spektors for £250 Inc del.
The price is right but I'm struggling to decide as I like both stands. Just wondering if anyone had experience with either stand and had any negative comments that I should think of.
Thanking anyone for replies in advance.

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Since you’re from the uk Atcama is the obvious choice.

The Dali stands are poor quality. B&W STA24 is one the best stands on the market. It can be filled with sand.


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If you’re restricted to black, maybe think about these. They look good (IMO), don’t need filling and are completely sonically neutral (as far as the ear can tell) . I have them in white). If you look at the pic of mine carefully, you might be able to notice how the glass outriggers become virtually invisible as they blend into the background with the exception of the floor spikes.


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Get whatever you like the look of/whatevers cheapest. You can probably find some nice used stands too if you are looking for a bargain. I wouldn't worry about the sound quality being affected

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