Experience of searching first speakers (3 auditions).

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Hello, I thought I'll share about my first couple demos. Never had proper hi-fi before and it was first time and first experience.
On first audition tried speakers which suggested assistant. I wanted floor standers because I prefered how it looks like. So we started from Tannoy DC6T SE, Dali Ikon 6 MK2 and Dynaaudio DM 3/7. They were hooked on Cambridge Audio amp. And none of them was close what I was expecting.

Second time after couple weeks in forums I had my list what I want to try: Rega RS5, KEF R300, Totem Aros, Kudos X2. On the other end Unitiqute. I was interesting in streaming only and its looked like a good deal. You get lots for it's money. Again, none of speakers I was completely happy. Favorite was Totem Arros, KEF's to boomy and Kudos with Rega somewhere in the middle.

Third time again Unitiqute as a source and we started with KEF R500 (wanted to give a one more try for KEF's. Really liked how they looked like). And for my taste to muddy and to boomy. After followed Monitor Audio Silver 8. I like it more than KEF's. But it still wasn't what I wanted. After we witched to Monitor Audio GX50 bookshelf's. Trebles to bright at some places (maybe because of t's ribbon tweeter) and bass to boomy. Next one was PMC Twenty 21. Play button. Couple seconds. Large smile on my face. Performer was staying in front of me. Sound stage was like never experienced before. Bass was so controlled and trebles so sweet. It was so pleasure to listen it. So this is sound what I was looking for. After that I was strongly suggested to try KEF ls50. And again, so wide sound stage. So clear all instruments. Nice controlled bass. And almost half a price of PMC's. I think I still liked PMC's a bit more because of sweeter trebles but the price is a lot higher for them.

So conclusions: I'm always wanted big floor standers. Thought bigger speakers better sound. But what I experienced was completely opposite. Ofcourse somebody's may prefer different sound and won't agree with me. So that's why so important is to do demos and as more as you can.


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Thanks for your views on what you have heard. Although it is only through your ears it will help a fair few members I am sure.
PMC do make some very nice sounding speakers but they are not cheap although you do get what you pay for. If you think that a speaker will easily last 10 years+ (had my PMC 10 years now and have no intention of changing them for at least another 5 years or more) then the price per years ownership becomes quite cheap. Get the best speakers you can and the ones you really like as it will prevent the feeling of needing to upgrade in a few years time. Hence buy right the first time prevents wasted money by having to buy again in the future.


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Welcome to the PMC experience! :D

They really are fantastic speakers and as PSM1 said if the budget allows then worth spending the extra for speakers that you'll be happy with for a long time and avoid box swapping.

Having said that it's easy to let the budget run away with itself and the LS50s get very good reviews and like you say half the price.

It sounds like you've found your preference in the focused, precise soundstage of a good pair of standmounts anyway as opposed to floor standers and I have to say I agree to my ears also find many f/standers can sound boomy.

I went with PMC Twenty 22s in the end after trying out a similar range (B&W PM1, KEF R500, PMC 23, had MA RX6) and they are simply awesome speakers, no regrets.

Good luck with the purchase. Be interested to know what you go for - keep us posted.

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