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I'm fairly sceptical about the merits of high end speaker cable and the vast amounts of money some people are willing to spend to get the best from their systems.
I currently use Van Den Hull Teatrack which I purchased for around £11 per meter a couple of years ago (10m total) to go with my B&W DM602S3's I had at the time. The cable I replaced was cheapo £1.50 stuff (I can't remember what:blush: ) and did notice quiet an improvement in sound quality over it and was worth the extra money imo.
My question is that since I have spent loads of money on a better source, amps and speakers (see my sig for current set up) would there be similar improvements to be had if I uped the £'s per meter and bought more expensive cable. I would feel it a worthwhile upgrade if the results were similar to what I noticed when replacing £1.50 cable for £11 per m cable:)

What speaker cable would you recomend and what would it cost (10Meters again)? or are the results I'm getting from my current cable all I can expect.

As you can probably guess I'm trying to eek out as much detail and sound quality that's possible from my current gear but I'm not prepared to have to remortgage to improve SQ.

any advice welcome:lease:


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Personally i would stick with what you've got as i think its more than good enough.I used to have teatrack or the single run version of it as i'm a bit of a fan of van den hul stuff and changed to Kimber 8TC which cost me near on £400 for 7.5m.Is there any diffrence i hear you ask? well no not really :blush: .Too get a big jump in sound quality i think you'd have to spend silly money which personaly i would'nt recomend.


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I think that as with all cable related things,the law of diminishing returns applies to quite a large extent,and if you're already using a reasonable cable,then you need quite a big jump in either cable quality,or amp/speakers,to notice significant changes.

Another factor is the relationship between certain amps and cables....like thxultra,I changed from a lower grade cable(Linn LK400) to Kimber 8TC,but in this instance the difference was quite clear when using it with a set of Krell amps....not much difference when using it with a pair of Tube Technology Genesis valve monoblocs,but clearly better with the Krells.

Given the sort of cost you'd be looking at,I think thxultra's advice is very sensible...if you did want to try something like Kimber 8TC though,you could try Russ Andrews 60 day sale or return offer,and see if you notice any improvement....that way you don't lose out if you have no result.


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This is a suggestion here for you to try and see if you notice any great difference from the cable you have already to the cables you already have in place its very very cheap, and if you discern any difference (positive or negative) between these cables and the ones you have already then you should maybe consider changing your speaker cable :

Cable 1) to try CAT5 – Cable 2) T+E 2.0mm2 mains cabling.

Both as cheap as chips, both available from Maplins or B&Q for your T+E. Anyway why test a more expensive cable to acertain differences ? try a cheap one, go on. FWIW I think you would be better served concentrating any budget you may consider for any fancy high end wire on better components, bigger return IMHO in performance.

HTHs & IMHO of course
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