Expensive Power chords & Mains Filters



:confused: Does anyone have any experience with branded power cables and mains filtering power sockets.

I must say i use 2 X Monster power Reference mains blocks and all buzz disappeared from my system.

Or is it all "snake oil"?


I found significant benefit from applying the following mains environmental changes in my setup - these are all viable if you have the need. Your eyes and ears are all that can tell if a change to your setup is good, no different, or worse.

  1. Install DIY mains lead on power amp - pics and recipe in this forum
  2. Install DIY mains lead on AV processor
  3. Install DIY mains lead on DVD player
  4. Install delta filters on power amp, AV processor, and (soon) DVD, Tivo, and Sky box

I have more mains changes - well, experiments that may end up staying in situ - planned.



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After much deliberation, I decided to try out one of Russ Andrews Power Links. They offered one to me for half price so I got a 6 way for £40.

I have to say that the picture through my NTL box in to my tv looks alot sharper. Not much difference on dvd but I have noticed some more detail, eg, Mr Incredibles, I have noticed the fabric detail on Mr Incredible's old blue suit he wears at the beginning. Music wise, it's a bit weird, it's just gone louder.

It's been a good buy as I didn't believe all the hype but I still think it's too expensive at full asking price.

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