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has anyone used eXpansys UK Limited as thinking of getting a
Bluetooth Wireless Pack from them but as i have never used them before thought i better ask here to be on the safe side


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I did, They are excellent

They'll normally take some more time sending your first order - security check. But all orders to follow are sent VERY FAST.

They are ok.. bought some stuff from them on a couple of occasions without probs, although they are not always the cheapest...



I bought a Palm Tungsten E from them a few weeks back.

Good service they e-mailed me saying the item had posted and arrived next day.



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They are great when a product is available, but treat their estimates for new products with a very large pillar of salt.

"Estimated 5 days" usually means 5 weeks and if it says 14 days then you can forget seeing it this side of next Christmas.

I think that someone on these forums mentioned how they used to work for them as a student in the summer, and that their job was to scan the web for the latest gadgets so that they could be posted on the site with an estimate of delivery based on what the web said!

I get the feeling that this is less common now because lots of items are "Available for pre-order" rather than giving an unrealistic date, but I still don't entirely trust them when it comes to delivery dates.

Having said that they do usually seem to get the stuff at least as quickly as anyone else (if not quicker sometimes). It's just often a long time after they initially promised it...



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I'm bringing this old thread back to life to vent my concerns / worries with this company.

I put an order in with them for a Samsung Omnia on a T-mobile contract on 14/08/08, paying for the phone by credit card.

The next day I logged on to their website to find my order had not changed from pending, even though I had completed the T-mobile vetting form. I googled the company and read a lot of reviews and most of them where bad, bad customer services, being charged and goods not being sent, late deliveries, wrong deliveries. Later that day the order had been declined. I though nothing of it, and put it down to good fortune after reading the reviews.

Last Saturday I tried using my credit card but it was declined. I phoned up my issuer and they said they put a stop on it due to suspicious activity and that any high value orders from Expansys get flagged up on their system due to the companies reputation. I told them that I had put the order in but I no longer wanted it go ahead.

Today I got home from work and recieved a bill from T-mobile for £35, with a new mobile number printed on the top of it. I phoned them up who said that Expanys should not have started the contract until I recieved the phone, and that it is up to Expansys to cancel the contract.

I phoned Expansys who said they will cancel the contract for me, but I am going to get charged from the day I put the order in till now for line rental (6 days). They said they always start the contract with the provider before they ship / take payment for the goods.

If I hadn't of recieved my bill today, I would of presumed that my order never went through, and would of ended up with a full months line rental at the end of the month.

I would advise anyone to stay well away from this company.



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As with any company they have there good and bad reviews, just from a price point of view I stay away from them as they are normally more expensive than people like play etc


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i tried to order online thet wanted me to fax my credit card details before i could order
i have no fax available to me
i was told for new customers
i ordererd elsewere


Well ive had one experience in april 05, bought a psp, was the cheapest place at the time, excellent service, was expected in 2 weeks, got it in 1 week.

I wouldn't normally buy from them however due to huge prices!


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A few years ago, I ordered something from them and selected next day delivery to my work address. The next day I get an email saying they do not deliver to any address other than the cardholders, if I wanted it sent to my home address to reply to their email. So I replied asking why the website said they delivered to a different address (and had a form to specify that address). Two days later my package arrived at home when I was at work, so I had to collect it from the post office. So a next day delivery took over three days and I never did get a reply as to why the website said one thing and they said another.

Suffice to say I haven't bothered ordering anything from them again, unless they get their act together.

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