Expanding RAM on a modern laptop...Easy/difficult/costly?


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Feb 13, 2004
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Hi all,

I've ordered an entry-level Toshiba laptop (the L10) - which comes with 256Mb RAM. I specifically didn't go for the ones above it - as all I was interested in was the RAM - and mine says it can be expanded to 1 Gb.

1) How simple or complicated is this process – can somebody type me a step-by-step? I’m reasonably savvy with electronics, etc.

2) Where do I go for parts – and what ‘parts’ anyway? PC World? Any links to relevant internet retailers?

3) How much can it cost? I’m after the full 1 Gig.

All or any help much-appreciated – and I did do a couple of searches – to no avail.

Thanks in advance, too.


Exceptionally helpful and rapid response...Thanks!
I just did, an' all!

The excellent web-site just had a vibe of credibility about it - which made me feel confident about going ahead - not to mention the tacit (and now explicit) recommendation from a trusted fellow forum member.

I ordered one 512Mb and one 256Mb - which with the 256 it already comes with - would take it to its limit of 1024. The website explained everything so well. Utter Dummy's guide.

Thanks again, sir.
Oh, sorry to say, but looks like there are only 2 memory slots on the laptop, so you won't be able to fit 3 lots of memory in - can you quicky change your order to 2 x 512 - then your original 256 will be a spare?
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Okay - thanks for the warning people.

Will keep ya posted...
Chances are it will only be 2 slots. Even if there are 3/some soldered onto the board it's also worth putting the same amount of memory in both to get dual channel support
Best bet is to open the RAM expansion cover and actually check whats there. You need to know if you have 1x256mb or 2x128mb already installed before ordering anything. My laptop has 2x256mb and expanding probably means dumping both of them for matched larger parts.
Hi all,

Thanks for all your help – on account of which the new laptop now has and shows itself as having c.768Mb of RAM (it came with 256).

One question – as those who suspected that my having ordered a 512 and a 256 was incorrect – and that I needed to have ordered 2x512’s – there is now the scope and need to swap the 256 chip that’s in there – for another 512 – as there are indeed only two slots all-in.

My question – When I first put the 512 chip in – the laptop was spanking new and unused.

However – now that it’s been up and running – and I’ve actually used the computer and also downloaded various bits of software – e.g. Norton, printer-driver, modem-related, etc – and have moved to Firefox for my browser – the plan is to fully switch off and swap one of the chips out. So – will this balls anything up?! I mean will the 256 chip that I’m about to remove – ‘have anything’ on it now?

Way-forward advice will be most-appreciated!!
No, you will be fine, memory can be swapped in and out whenever, it doesn't need drivers and as long as you fully close down the machine, and disconnect from the power supply (remove the battery if a laptop) it will be fine to swap it out.
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Hey thanks Lisa.

You've been most-helpful - in other posts of mine too.

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