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I have a QNAP TS 451+ 8GB NAS with four 6TB HDD configured in a RAID.
Unvelievably , Im almost out of storage space and am looking for options.

1. Stuff an old PC full of HDD and back up the NAS , however this is not really addressing all of my issues.
2. replace all 4 of my HDD in the NAS with larger capacity drives.
3. Another NAS tied to my existing on - possibly a QNAP TL-D800C 8-Bay Desktop Expansion Enclosure - or such like.

Any thoughts ?


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Which RAID version are you using?

2. But check that you can dynamically expand the array, that it can cope with the larger discs and make sure you have a backup of any important data before you start.


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Why are you using RAID? Is it business critical? Priority is backup so lose the RAID and gain back the storage and also setup a backup device assuming there is stuff you do not want to lose.


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Well, depending on your budget, one option (your #2) is to replace all the drives as you mentioned. QNAP shows drive compatibilites with various WD/Seagate/HGST/Toshiba models all the way up to 16TB. You could even replace one disk at a time, wait for rebuild, then replace the next disk, repeat, etc, until all disks are done/replaced. Then you should be able to expand your volume/LUN to use the new capacity.

Having a good backup beforehand would be a good idea though, just in case :)

Sloppy Bob

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I have an 8-bay Synology. One of the reasons I bought a Synology was they use their own Hybrid Raid system called SHR.

The benefit to this is that I can mix and match drives sizes and get full use of all the space as long as I have at least 2 drives of the largest size.
The next time I run out of space (a fair while away) I'l remove a 10TB drive and add something larger, then repeat it and the array will expand and continue doing that as and when required.

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