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Exit theatertek from the remote


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Bit of history first

Just got round to using the MCE side of windows. bought the remote and the MCE keyboard - has a huge range for an IR device.

Bought the MCE Nova -T digital freeview card, d/l the latest drive inc the Radio plug-in, and 10mins later have a fully funcational PVR for Freeview.

Having been used to Sky+ for a few years was surprised with easy of use of the GUI and functionality of My TV.

Am actually thinking of dumping sky+ now as i'ts alot on money for the few extra channels. With 10mb next mth via telewest am sure I can "find" some alternatives.

All this from an xlobby fan. :rolleyes:

Anyway back to the point of the thread :-

Does anyone know how to "exit" theatertek via the remote?


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Cheers MarkHudds,

Assume that UP gives you the top bar of TT2?

Nice one :thumbsup:

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