Existing speakers - best way to setup with new TV


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Hi all,

I have a new Panasonic 55" LED TV (55DT50B) and am trying to work out the best way to setup my existing speakers.

At the moment, the TV is plugged into my HTPC directly via HDMI.

The aim is to:
1. Plug the HTPC, AppleTV, and maybe a console to the TV.
2. Connect existing passive speakers + active sub to a receiver/box
3. Use that same box for the switching input sources
4. Try and control everything from 1 remote.

The current AV received I have is an old Denon one and doesn't support HDMI. I really want to keep things simple, so was looking at something like the HT-F5500 from Samsung. The problem is, I just want the "box" and not the speakers cos the ones I already have are awesome.

Can anyone suggest a "simple" box with huge WAF which I can use? I'm not looking for the best technical or best quality solution - that'll happen in a few years - just the simplest one (think Apple).



The box you want in 2 and 3 is an amplifier/receiver, and there are hundreds to choose from.
Everything connects to that and is switched by it, it feeds the speakers, the video passes through by HDMI to the TV.


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Hi Logi,

Thanks for the reply.

You're absolutely right, there are alot of amps/receivers out there. The traditional AV receivers/amplifiers are relatively bulky and overspecced. The kind of thing I'd love would be like the amp you get with one of the "home cinema packages" eg: HT-E350 by Samsung. Slick, simple, functional.

Do you know if I could get that kind of box as a stand alone? It's all in a small room, and will be driving a nice set of B&Ws and an active sub. Complete waste - I know :(

Thanks in advance,


That's OK, I agree about the bulk, and in many cases about the specs.
You won't get much less bulk, but this one has been getting some favourable mentions around the forum recently and looks pretty good value for a reasonable spec: Denon AVR1513 Black | AV Receiver | Richer Sounds.


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Hi Logiciel,

Thanks for the reply and link. After some more digging on the richer sounds site, I came across the Pioneer VSXS300, which has now lead to a Marantz NR1403.

Starting to save the pennies!



That's OK Raj, and yes, those two save on the bulk but add a lot to the cost.;)

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