Existing quality CD vs SACD how much to spend?

Eric Chadwick

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I have a good replay system for ordinary CD and am considering whether to move into SACD (stereo rather than surround). The question is how much would I have to spend on an SACD player to improve on my existing CD system? Would something like a Denon DVD2900 or Philips 963SA sound better just because the format is better? The AV5103 only does up to 48khz so I would have to use the players DACs.

Linn Karik CD transport
Linn AV5103 system controller (dac/preamp)
JBL Synthesis A650 5x150W amp
Martin Logan Aerius fronts
IPL AVC2 (kit) centre
Linn Sekrit rears
B&W ASW800 sub
Russ Andrews Purifier block
Misc cables inc Ecosse reference, various home made, Chord Company, & Kimber.
Dedicated 60A twin shielded ring main.


Sony still make their SCD1 which is stereo only SACD player of amazing spec.
It costs a bomb but apparantly is worth it. (CD/SACD Only)

Eric Chadwick

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Thanks I'll look it up.

I'm tempted to just see if I can borrow something from a dealer.

Was impressed by the Krell SACD player at the northern sound & vision but it's a bit pricey.

Eric Chadwick

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Uhhm. Interesting. I remember hearing about that when they were still developing it and calling it the silver disc machine. I would have hoped that my 5103 would be worth rather more than that (They were about £5K new when I got mine) second hand but by making the silver disc machine a one stop shop a lot fewer people will need one :(

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