Existing ceiling speakers - adding Atmos?

The house we live in has got existing 8" speakers ceiling mounted - FR, FL, C and SL, SR at the back. They work well, and with the addition of a decent sub, we now have a nice 5.1 system which sounds pretty good, especially with DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD soundtracks.
Now looking to plan for an AVR upgrade to one which supports Dolby Atmos - how / where would I go about adding an Atmos pair of speakers?

Damp Squid

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Installing a further 2 in ceiling speakers will not add any Atmos effect, as all the sound is already coming from above you.

If you can, re-purpose the speakers to ear level and add 2 in ceiling speakers either side of the main listening position, above where your knees are when seated.
OK very rough MS Paint drawing!

Wall behind TV (top of drawing) and to the right are fixed. Left hand side is all glass, and behind seats is open.

I don't have the option of adding extra floor or wall-mount speakers...

The circles are (obviously?) the ceiling-fitted 8" speakers.

Perhaps not worth bothering with Atmos, just stick with 5.1 I have now with Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD?

Open to suggestions on ways forward.



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No point putting any Atmos speakers in unless you do as suggested by Damp Squid. You need two levels of speakers for Atmos, a base level at ear height + down firing Atmos in the ceiling.

I know you said you don't want any wall/floor speakers so best stick with 5.1 as you have it or you could fit 2 extra speakers in the ceiling 3-4ft back from the ones just behind your seating area and use those as back surround in a 7.1 setup.


As above. Atmos is dead in the water. Save your money unless you are willing to have the base 5.1 at a seated head height.
Thanks folks. One quick comment, it's not that I said I "don't want" or am not "willing" to change speakers - it's simply not an option in our current arrangements. But we are not here forever - Atmos can be on the list for the next place! :)

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