Exercise bike for arthritic hip


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My wife and I regularly go running - only about 10km a time - but having being diagnosed with arthritis in her hip, she has been advised to switch to cycling. We don't fancy cycling around here as there are no cycle paths and the roads are really narrow. So, we figured we'd give an exercise bike a go.

We're not after anything big or flashy as we just want to ease ourselves into it, and ideally we would have liked one that folds easily for storage, but they all look as though the pedals are too far forward (under the handlebars) so that you can't really stand up on the pedals. We've therefore decided against that.

As an alternative, I came across this, which looks as though it should be easily transportable from room to room as it has little wheels:

Does anyone know anything about exercise bikes? Does this one seem reasonable?

Thanks in advance...


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looks like a spin bike which have a different feel to a conventional pushbike, ie you cannot freewheel , the pedals are in gear constantly-they are excellent for exercise.

get that bike and the peloton app and job done for a great beginner setup!


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FWIW you might get more responses in Health & Fitness Forum

I went through a lot of thinking about getting an exercise bike Advice: Exercise Bike - new/used?

I did nothing for ages but this January, John Lewis had this bike marked down to £140 and I bit the bullet. I'm doing a few minutes most mornings and I've lost a little weight and feel a bit fitter which was my plan.

I'm glad I didn't go for a normal spin bike - the Reebok has programs that vary the resistance to simulate climbs etc. that makes it a whole lot easier to put in a variety of levels of effort.
I set the program, effort level and time and just push to the end.
I don't think I'd have the enthusiasm to crank the resistance myself based on a time etc., I'd probably just spin along for 20min and then not see enough benefit from the time spent. I guess it depends on your motivation.

Worth knowing that these bikes are heavy with large flywheels to move around. The Reebok is quiet.
When I was looking there were a lot of bikes on Facebook groups and Gumtree if you want to save some money.
Finally a static bike is not (in my experience) as comfortable as a road bike - despite the big saddle, because you're not balancing you can get numb - I've had to mess with the saddle height and angle a lot to get comfortable which I never worried about on real bikes.


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FWIW you might get more responses in Health & Fitness Forum

I think you're probably right there - I just saw a forum name with "sport" in the title and went for that.

Thanks for the details about the bike you went for. I did go for the one highlighted above in the end. I put it together over the weekend so I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Planning on my first attempt today...

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