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Gentlemen ,but i have just followed a link from one of the threads on the DIY pages and happened upon this set up on my first click.

Can you confirm for me that this guy has 3 Cylinders and 2 box SVS subs :eek: . Honest , thats what it looks like to me ,I thought I'd ask the SVS affic...affisi... (bugger it) people that know :laugh:

Ian J

johnscarlet said:
I thought I'd ask the SVS affic...affisi... (bugger it) people that know :laugh:

The word that you are looking for is afishynardo.

I'm not sure what he has at the moment but forum member el cid did have 8 SVS tubes at one time. He now has a pair of SVS B12-Plus/4 subs which are claimed by SVS to be "the most accurate, brutally powerful, and most finely constructed home theater and music subwoofer we know of. Full stop."

I'm not sure how many of the cylinders he has retained alongside these monsters but I would think that with a pair of B12 subs, each of which contains four 12" drivers, he already has the sort of bass that most of us can only dream of.


8 tube :eek: he say while looking at a little silver yamaha box with a tear in his eye :laugh:

Cheers Chaps



I doubt he still has 10 SV:s? Those 2 should do the job.. Does he have any pics of 8 tubes in one room, on the net??


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Frank still has all of his tubes and the two B4+s.
He is trying to balance the tubes with his big boxes.
He suffered some health problems which slowed him a little in his quest for earthquake quality bass.
He posts quite regulary on Home Theatre Forum "Speakers".

People keep teasing him about the lack of online images of his 8 x 16-46PCIs.
He keeps promising and they keep on teasing. :devil:
Though images of his twin big boxes have appeared.


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