Exchange TV or Get a LG 60PM670T?


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I currently have a Samsung Series 5 PS60E530 60. I bought it last week. £877 The picture is decent but has dirty screen and also BUZZES! I have asked currys for a return and exchange.

I looked again at other options and came across the LG. The reviews are mixed and i dont know what to do! its driving me mad to decide what to go for. Some say its a great TV for everything. Some say it has lag on gaming while others say its fine.

John Lewis will match the £995 price for the LG (on there site at £1399) and ill get a 5 year guarantee! It has the bonus of 3D and smart TV which the samsung doesn't have. Im not too bothered about those features.

Im leaning towards the LG because i can get the 5 year guarantee. Ultimately i want the best tv for watching football & playing pro evo and call of duty on the ps3.



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I had a look at the LG and I wasn't impressed with the picture. Had less DSE BUT I couldn't get the picture to look good. Maybe I just didn't get the right settings. Seems to not buzz either.

I think I will wait for the new Samsung to come. If it buzzes and has dirty screen I will return it.


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sooooo... got the 2nd samsung and it was still buzzing... its gone back now.

I recently bought a sharp 3d 60inc LED screen.. Not impressed.

Thinking back the the LG one now.

anyone got this?


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I bought the LG 60PM680T from Currys last week and I love it, it runs very quiet and the picture is great. I haven't noticed any issues at all. I haven't tried 3D yet, I got some glasses but can get the film to play in 3D from my PC.

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