Excessive noise from DVD/CD drive on PS3


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Lots of people have been mentioning excessive fan noise, but the excessive noise on mine is when a cd/dvd/game is inserted and the sound seems to be the drive constantly speeding up and down during reading.

Anyone else think they've encountered this?


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Because consoles are getting more and more like pc's, they need cooling down, like pc's with bloody big fans. The harder it works the hotter it gets, the faster the fans spin. ie. the noisier it gets !

Just one of those things, cant avoid it. At least theyre not as loud as the X360, when thats at full tilt sounds like a 747 in the front room !

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I have had my PS3 since December and compared to the 360 I can hardly tell its even on when watching Blu-Rays or playing games.


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Tbh, when playing DVD's my PS3 is reasonably quiet - certainly a lot quieter than the 360.

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