Excellent Deal on Unbeable - KV-32FS60 and DVPNS305 for £777!



Am I going blind or is it really only £777? They are selling the TV for £820 on its own so how is it CHEAPER with a £100ish DVD player also? I am lost :S

Here are the links...

DVD with TV Deal: http://www.unbeatable.co.uk/default.asp?page=product&sku=103808&shopid=SHOPGCCFCGEICTFS2125TDEK2170XECK6424

TV On Its Own: http://www.unbeatable.co.uk/default.asp?page=product&sku=102474&shopid=SHOPGCCFCGEICTFS2125TDEK2170XECK6424

DVD On Its Own: http://www.unbeatable.co.uk/default.asp?page=product&sku=102478&shopid=SHOPGCCFCGEICTFS2125TDEK2170XECK6424

Anyone know if this DVD player is alright? I quick Google search shows some good reviews but it is very basic. However it is worth getting it with the DVD just to get money off the tv. They are also doing the deal on the KV-28FS60 for £542


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Your top link goes to a 28" set.

The £777 package is with the KV32LS60.



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Its a sony thing.

I just bought a 28LS60 and got the same player for an extra 20 quid. (oh and 5 dvd's)

(from my local sony centre)

We were about to buy a dvd player as a christmas pressie for a relative so were pretty chuffed.

Thats a hell of a price though.
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