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Excel/Word Merge data in columns HELP Please!


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Hi Guys
One of my colleagues has prepared a delegate list for a conference. We need to Mailmerge the Forename, Surname, Role and Org Name fields for ID badges. Only trouble is, Mailmerge doesnt like the Name being in two fields. Is there any way within Excel or Word of merging the Forename and Surname fields (ideally, with a space between)?
Many thanks


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Yes there is, in excel use the concatenate command. It should look something like this:

Cell A contains firstname = <John>
Cell B contains surname = <Doe>

Cell C contains this formula = <=concatenate(A1, " ",B1)>

And it will look like this = <John Doe>

All of the above without the <>

See the attachment


  • example.xls
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In excel you can use concatenate to generate a new column eg
with Forname in the A column and Surname in the B column

Hope that helps

Edit: Cyland101 just beat me to it ;)
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Hold on a minute why are you saying mail merge won't concatenate? It's a word processor it's all it does is concatenate words together to make a document....

I really don't understand your problem. I suspect what is the problem is that you don't know how to use the full power of word mailmerge. There is no need to do all the concatenation in Excel.

Simply go to your word document. Start a Mail Merge and choose you excel spreadsheet as the data source.

Then insert the fields it discovers and add punctuation like you would for a normal doc.

For example if you had the Following columns in Excel: Forename, Surname, Role, Organisation then add those fields to your document something like this

<Forename> <Surname>,

You must use the insert field menu/button to get this right (you can do it by hand if you know what you are doing but it is so much more painful it's not worth it for something this simple) Apply formating to suite. Toggle the switch to show the real data and the fields will be replaced with the names etc from the spreadsheet.

As an added feature you could try using a labels template so you can get multiple badges/name tags per page etc...

Ultimately what you can't accomplish with word mail merge is simply not worth doing. It's a massively powerful tool but like any tool only good for the job it is designed for. What you described is quite simply it's bread and butter and excels at it (pun intended)

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