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I have got some receipts i want to put on excel, some have a VAT breakdown and some dont
I am doing three columns" Net - VAT - Gross.
I am not the best at excel can someone please help write the formulas for it.
Not sure which way to go, I want to put a "Net price in say C7 and that will add the VAT in D7 and the gross E7"
Also want to do it in reverse, if I put the Gross in E7 I want it to work out what the VAT and Net would be.

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There is an excellent forum called MrExcel, try a search, very helpful people that know EVERYTHING about Excel. They have always helped me.


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In cell A1 put text "VAT Rate (percent)"
In Cell B1 put number "15"

To Add VAT:

A3 put text "Net" B3 put value you want to evaluate.
A4 put text "VAT" B4 put formula =B3*(B1/100)
A5 put text "Total" B5 put formula =B3+B4

To split VAT

A7 put text "Total" B7 put value you want to evaluate.
A8 put text "VAT" B8 put formula =(B7/(100+B1))*B1
A9 put text "Net" B9 put formula =B7-B8

When VAT rate does back up next January, or you want to evaluate numbers from before the VAT rate cut, you can simply change the number in B1 to 17.5.

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