EXCEL Help and Advice Needed - Pivot Charts, Formatting and Formulas


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Over the last year or so I have been teaching myself to be more proficient with Excel and can now produce some half decent documents
However I am wanting ti make them look even more professional and as such have the following questions to ask if I may

I apologise if they don’t make huge amount of sense, its just I may not be able to explain myself very well

1) How do I “colour” the background of a workbook so its not all white cells and then have it remained filled with that colour ?
I tried using the fill option and that works fine to start with, but when I then place my Pivot tables over them and they change size when using “slicers” the colour goes and the old grid / cells reappear

2) I have one tab in my workbook for “trends” - these show the previous 3 months figures for a dozen or so areas and then these are sorted by number of incidents in those areas. This is fine for showing who was “top” on those months, but is there anyway of finding an average for those 3 Pivot tables (one each for each month) and having anything above average be highlighted in red ?

3) Graphs and charts. I have a further tab for data year on year comparing figures going back to 2018.
This works fine however as it grows its starting to look a little “busy” - Is it possible to again have the “highest” figure for each month of each year be highlighted in someway ? Even if it is just that figure at the end of the bar ? And also, is it possible to have the chart show an “average” line on it so we can see when over the years we have been above average ?

Hope this makes sense


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