Exact Audio Copy Flac converstion error


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Not sure if this is the right place for this question, so if it isn't I apologize.
I am uisng Exact Audio Copy(EAC) to rip my CD collection to FLAC for use with a Squeezebox. I am using an external FLAC conversion utility as recommended (and linked from) the EAC website. My problem is that the conversion utility is errroring with everytrack. This requires a manual click of OK (which prolonges the ripping). The problem is related to the command line that I type into EAC. It is a bunch of T %s..... kind of stuff. If anybody has any idea what I am talking about and can give me the correct command line I would greatly appreciate it. I am currenlty using the command line suggestedd by the FLAC site.


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Read this guide

it explains what it's all about and tells you which encoder to use for each coding method including FLAC.

i followed it to the letter and had no problems with FLAC (or indeed with MP3 either).

Simplest thing might be to uninstall EAC and do it all again. It doesn't take long.:lesson:


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Sweet.. problem solved. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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