Ex-Display RP TV - Good Buy Or Not?


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Found an Ex-Display Thopson 44" RP TV which gives a very nice picture for the 1000 Pounds there asking for it, i asked them how long it had been there though and they said bout 8 months! :eek:

Going by a quick calculation thats bout 2,300 Hours of Bulb life, is it worth the money or should i just save a bit more for a new set? Cheers, Rizel

(Currys By The Way :rolleyes: )


i was studying a thomson 44 rptv along with others for 3 months before i bought my rptv. the one with the built in dvd player, which at the time was going for 1750 the one without was around 1550.
so for 1000 it looks good value.
you should still get 12 month manufacturers warranty plus any extended warranty you take out.(bulbs covered --unlike those insurance warranties).if you do take out thier warranty they should knock another 50-100 off the price if you ask (they won`t if you don`t ask lol).
btw i did`nt get a thomson.
just make sure you like the set, sit down and give it a good viewing and playing with, its you who has to live with it.
at the end of the day it`s what suits you and your pocket.


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Thanks aaronjon, my main concern was the bulb life, but to be honest it will probably only be on around 10 hours a weeks as i'am using my TFT 17" Monitor for norma TV vewing now as image is so clear.

does anyone know the average bulb life of RP TVs? Cheers, Rizel


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Sounds exactly like the one I got last week for the same price. I just got a 5 year warranty with it, just in case!!

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