Ex dem MK KX 12 for £295 or save for BK XLS 400?


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Hi there. My system consist of 3 M&K 95 in walls as the L.R.C and M&K 26T as surrounds connected to a Yamaha 3067. I need a sub to complete the set up and would value your opinions/recommendations as to what I should do as per thread title or any other suggestions. My listening is 60/40 for films and my living room is 5m long 6m wide. Thank you.

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I spotted the MK sub on the Gecko website. The price is very good but I'm afraid that I can't comment on the quality as I've never heard one.

All I can say as the owner of the same speakers as you is that you should partner them with the very best subwoofer that you can afford.

In my case I partner them with an SVS PC Ultra13 but not only is that well over your limit but not everyone would accept the size of it either


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I'd go for the MK at that price.

They produce some superb subs having owned an mx150, I would certainly buy another MK sub.
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