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    I was just wondering what the major updates of each of the JVC DLA-X7… midrange projectors are? I currently own the JVC DLA-X700, and was looking at later models, wondering how the line has evolved and what major benefits I’d gain as I upgraded through the years. I’m sure others have wondered the same. I thought I’d just restrict the topic to the midrange series, during the DLA-X7… years, to keep it concise. And I imagine that a lot of people keep on the X-7… line, because they appreciate the upgrades over the X-5… line (over double the contrast, THX & ISF, etc) whilst not being able to justify the extra cost of the elite X-9… line.

    If there’s an article on the internet that goes into the JVC projector range throughout the years, I’d love to read it. From what I’ve researched, this is my concise take on the major upgrades as the line has progressed. I’m only listing changes, so if a feature has remained the same from the previous model, it won’t be listed. If there’s some notable omissions, which I’m sure there is, please let me know.

    JVC DLA-X7 (2010): 1080p, max input resolution: 1080p, 70,000 native contrast, 2 x 1.4 hdmi ports, THX & ISF cert, 1300 brightness.

    JVC DLA-X70 (2011): 1080p with 4K e-shift , 80,000 native contrast, 1200 brightness

    JVC DLA-X70 (2012): 1080p with 4K e-shift 2, 90,000 native contrast

    JVC DLA-X700 (2013): 1080p with 4K e-shift 3, max input resolution: 4k, 120,000 native contrast, 1300 brightness

    JVC DLA-X7000 (2016): 1080p with 4K e-shift 4, 2 x 2.0 hdmi ports, HDCP 2.2, HDR, 1800 brightness

    JVC DLA-X7500 (2017): 130,000 contrast, 1900 brightness

    JVC DLA-X7900 (2018): 1080p with 4K e-shift 5

    And after that obviously is the JVC DLA-N7, which is a different animal being native 4K.

    Also, when I started researching the JVC DLA-X7… line I initially thought that the X700 evolved to the X750, X770, X790 then X7000. However, when I noticed the specs and release years, it didn’t add up. Am I right in assuming that after the X700, JVC split the X models up to EU/USA territories (I’ve no idea what model other territories fall into)? As a side-point, I'm aware that there's always been RS equivalent models to the X series, albeit with a different lens ring and warranty. So, am I right in thinking that (EU/USA):

    X7000 = X750
    X7500 = X770
    X7900 = X790

    If anyone could point out any notable features that I’ve missed, I’d appreciate it. As an X700 owner, the X7000 looks like a huge upgrade, but if I was an X7000 owner I’m not sure that I’d bother upgrading to the X7500 or X7900, unless I’m missing something? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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