Evoke 1S menu structure? (Display blank)


I have a Pure Evoke 1s DAB radio.
It was working recently and has suddenly stopped working, perhaps due to a recent power cut.
I have a Powerpack inside and it is connected to the mains.
I have tried removing the Powerpack and disconnecting from the mains to force a reset, but this makes no difference.

Here is my problem.
The display on STANDBY ("off") is very dim but just about readable. It shows the time.
When I press standby to turn it ON the display goes black and is completely unreadable.

I need to turn it ON to see the menus, for example to force a factory reset or to increase the brightness of the display.
But immediately I turn it on the display goes black.
I also do not hear any radio when I turn it on - so the whole thing may be non-functional now.

But I thought I'd give it one last go before throwing it out. This radio has been a good friend.

Can anybody help by:
  • telling me how to force a reset when I can't see the menus?
  • telling me exactly how many clicks and of which buttons I have to press so as to increase the brightness of the display?
My theory is that I can increase the brightness of the display by using the menu - but since I can't see the menus, I can't increase the brightness. (A design fault here, surely?)

All help and advice welcome. Thank you.


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Bit more info on this problem here


Bit more info on this problem here
Ah thank you. It looks as though this is a common problem and my radio is beyond my skills to repair. Thank you for responding.

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