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I have just gotten back into listening to vinyl and have also discovered my love for streaming high end sounding music - and how much better it sounds on decent speakers and set up.

So my next step is looking at buying a nicer streaming player and I really like the Cambridge Evo 150 - although a bit pricy I can swallow it. One question I have after reading several reviews etc is if my present speakers would be a good match for it - I have a pair of Triangle Borea 08 and was curious how they would match up with the Evo 150. Thanks for any help or input you can provide.


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If you're looking at that kind of money, then you should also have the Lyngdorf TDAi models on your list. These are usually regarded as a must go to for most. Powerwise, even the baby 1120 has quite a bit of ampage meaning your speakers shouldn't present any issues especially since they're very amplifier friendly at 92dB

As for the Cambridge, as this is a dedicated Richer Sounds product, it's not something I've had the pleasure of hearing, but based on it's looks it look very similar to the Lyngdorfs with with the single dial (all be it with a colour screen), so looks wise I cannot complain and the spec looks good


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It depends what you are after. If you like the fancy screen then that's fine.

Personally I think there are better systems, simply because you can get top-notch streaming and room correction for actually less money.

3 other systems to consider:
1. Lyngdorf TDAI-1120, not as much power but more than enough for your speakers and superb DSP & room correction software.
2. NAD C399 - very similar internals to the EVO, but with Dirac Live room correction software and more power from upgraded Hypex Ncore components compared to the EVO150.
3. NAD M10 V2 - gives the pretty screen and Dirac Live but trades off in power, still more than sufficient for your speakers though.

I've not used the CA streaming software but most reviews seem to agree that both Lyngdorf is better and BluOS better still, even though the CA software is not terrible.

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