evil dead 3: ending (careful! spoiler)



i got the original ltd. ed. r1 of this film, with all its special features it didnt have the supermarket ending, even as an option.

does the new r2 i.e. (supermarket) release have this ending??

what is the proper ending?

although more cheesy, i prefer the supermarket 1 too.

apparently there was a third ending too, which never got shot entirely, this ending is getting redone though, to link to the next sequel: is this true?


Rambo John J

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The UK version is identical to the R1 Ltd edition 2 disc set (except for a DTS option on the theatrical cut).

I always preferred the S-Mart ending as it fits in with the rest of the film. The time travel ending probably fits into the series better, but after all the knockabout comedy in the film it seems too downbeat.

I don't know about the 3rd ending (if there is/was one), and as there's nothing at all definite about a 4th Evil Dead movie even being made yet I wouldn't hold my breath personally


yeah but does it have the supermarket ending?

the Raimi bros. were intervied (perhaps it was on the AoD or Spiderman commantaries)
and they mentiod a partialy shot ending which was to link to the next sequel, if made, i think sam was also quoted as wanting to "go back to his roots" and do another horror after his spoderman movies.


and in what country was the film called

"Captain Supermarket"

was that another wacky hong kong title?


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Im pretty sure that was Japan.

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