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EDIT: So sorry if you read this previously as I described really huge spoilers for the extended cut (and new viewers of the original). They are now removed.

Received German imports of Army of Darkness Ultimate Edition and Evil Dead II 25th Anniversary Limited Edition (same as Wood Edition but missing pine grain box, posters and certificate). According to German 25th Anniversary Evil Dead 2 Extended Cut Limited Edition Blu-Rays | Deadites Online, this release features a new HD transfer. Here's a summary:
25th Anniversary Limited Edition Features
Extra 3 minutes of extended footage
32-page book part (including drawings by Tom Sullivan)
Complete Remastered – New HD Transfer
Padded Mediabook the Necronomicon Style
25th Anniversary Wood Limited Edition Features
Pine grain cut box.
Extra 3 minutes of extended footage
32-page book part (including drawings by Tom Sullivan)
Complete Remastered – New HD Transfer
Padded Mediabook the Necronomicon Style
Posters Included
Includes numbered Certificate

Seeing reviews of Evil Dead 2 25th anniversary edition from Lion's Gate left me dissapointed and led me to buy this version. Despite reviews revealing lion's gate seemingly better quality compared to the first blu-ray release (especially in regards to artificial filtering and sharpening) at first, there is an inexcusable problem that literally removes what's viewable in dark scenes; and this movie is mostly dark.

Pics show differences between lion's gate and the first release. You'll notice lion's gate no longer has visible detail and colors on darker areas due to severe black crush. This problem doesn't exist in the first blu-ray release but only in this version. If someone can upload pics of scenes from these versions that'd be great (saw them on a review site I can no longer find but I'll post them if I find them).

First bluray release doesn't suffer black crush problems but has enough digital filtering to be noticeable. This version while not having problems of canceling out what's visible in dark areas, does have blurrier picture and less film grain compared to lion's gate. Overall I recommend this version over lion's gate release (very strange considering I find digital filtering and cleanup to be trash, and only want a perfect replica of the source film with dirt etc.). There's simply no excuse to buy lion's gate release when visuals are literally darkened to the point of being gone, in this mostly dark movie. Even with digital filtering making picture more blurry and artificial, you won't have missing visuals in dark scenes with this first release (think sharpness is at least as good as a decent Laser Disc release :p).

As a reminder, my Lion's Gate and first bluray release comparisons are based solely from online reviews and pics. Recommend to make your own comparison's and/or see online reviews for yourself.

I'll try to upload pics and bdinfo results (after I watch it :)) of this particular release (Tanz Der Teufel II extended cut Limited Edition (German 25th Anniversary Evil Dead 2 Extended Cut Limited Edition)). Hope other kind souls can upload or link bdinfo results of lion's gate 25th anniversary edition and original bluray release for comparison (of the original and extended versions in this release).

For reference, this release has two bluray's and one dvd. Watched few minutes of the DVD and it appeared grainy and film like from what I saw (great!), but too dark (tried boosting brightness but too much pure black remained and turned grey only= not so great?).


Done watching extended cut Bluray and found the transfer to be great quality (could see dirt on top of camera lens in some scenes). DVD looked similar in that it was dark (only watched 4 minutes of DVD) but I didn't really notice black crush in backgrounds on bluray (could actually see dark background objects) and picture had a seemingly pure analog look (the colors were deep instead of what seemed pale in pics of the first bluray release). Some scenes do appear blurry (When Ash says groovy), and color timing on others is different; I'm guessing they drained every ounce of analog out of their source. It's kind of funny watching scenes go by interior cabin door towards the end since you can see the splattered blood looks literally like red paint (maybe they intended it to be red paint?).

Didn't notice if wires were intact during a flying object on a certain scene. They digitally removed the wires in the 25th Anniversary Edition from Lion's Gate. Wasn't paying attention as I was enjoying the movie. Those who know this movie probably know what I'm talking about...

Extended scenes were quite an addition IMO, and somewhat suprising despite the small runtime added. They are very very interesting, and actually add great flavor to the movie (whether or not you've already seen this film); this is unlike other uncut movies with useless dialog, and/or parts that actually deteriorate the movie (Terminator 2 comes to mind). Never seen or really heard about this stuff either; might've read about it in a very obscure forum thread or something a while back. They are fun to watch, funny, and proof that the longest runtimes from cut scenes in other movies don't neccessarily enhance the experience, pleasure, and feel of luck from being able to watch them; but this also doesn't mean not to add everything missing despite how bad it can be, especially for die hard movie cultists that give away body parts in order to have such a thing. It's also true the scenes are of vhs quality and some don't sync with audio (think their source was from a non english language), but they look good enough to me and integrate well with the movie (why don't other movies blend missing scenes into the main movie like this? Beats the heck out of picking them through a bloody freakin' menu!); who knows if the master source to these cuts are somewhere, or perhaps a 35mm copy or something.

Sound seemed nice. Watched with headphones and didn't pay attention if it was mono, 2.0, 5.1, DTS or whatever. It did sound very analog and high quality (yes it has that screechiness from the source=yummy :)). Was only one english track besides a German track BTW.

Subtitles aren't burned in during extended scenes (or any part of the movie). Laserdiscs and VHS's are pretty much guaranteed to have subtitles burned in by comparison for imports BTW (why the heck didn't they just use closed captions on laserdisc and VHS imports?)

Overall I'm happy to have watched a copy of the film that has these unique extended scenes. I feel like I got a rare HighDef bootleg from a serial killer or something (much better than the Tin Can DVD Version I got rid of). And the entire case is the Book of the Dead (even the pages of it are inside).

My only gripe is the price did cost an arm and a leg ($omewhere around $80-$95).

Now I'm gonna watch Army of Darkness Uncut from Germany :)

Thanks for reading :)
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