EVGA 850W P2 PSU Caught on Fire - Faulty PSU randomly ignites!


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Sep 9, 2020
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San Diego, California
You know what's fun? Waking up to a house full of smoke, fire alarms going off and finding your desktop engulfed in flames..

That was a reality I never even though about until two Friday's ago...

Que 5:45AM in the morning. We live on a busy alley way where there are always garbage trucks, construction, etc.. So when I heard a beeping, I didn't think twice about it just being a truck in the alley way and not the smoke alarm in my office. Luckily my Fiancee was was more alert than I was at the time and jumped out of bed. By the time she got to the source and yelled back to me, the second Nest Protect fire alarm in the living room was going off saying "Head's up, there's smoke in the living room". This catapulted me out of bed to run that way only to come into my office and see what looked like a camp fire inside my computer case.. I immediatly told her to grab the fire extinguisher and started removing the glass cover off the front of the case. Upon opening, like any fire.. It ignited even more but I was ready. After a couple douses with the extinguisher, the fire was out.. But the smoke was so bad I couldn't even see where the door was anymore. I got back out of the room only after sucking in a bit of fumes that I could now feel in my lungs. Fire alarms still screaming at us.

I trekked back into the office holding my breath to turn on a whole house exhaust fan I have in the window. Luckily I have one of these or the burnt plastic smell would have lingered forever.. Within 15 minutes, the smoke had cleared but the burnt plastic smell still lingers as I type this a week later.

I work with electronics, wiring, controllers, etc.. So the technical side portion of me kicked in. It's time to inventory what was damaged and what was salvageable. Given this is my personal / work computer, this cannot stay down long...

I dissembled the entire thing, removed parts that were potentially salvageable in one pile and the items that were clearly damaged in another. When it came down to it..

EVGA 850W P2 - Toast and was where the fire started

Motherbaord - Toast

GTX 1070 Ti - Toast

Wiring - ALL toast

My first chat was to NZXT as I have their RGB contoller, Kraken X62 CPU cooler, Fans and an NZXT case with associated wiring. Although the case was a bit charred. I am extremely handy and have no problems refinishing the case. Their customer service was AMAZING. They didn't even ask for receipts.. Just asked what I had and what I needed. ALL WIRING THEY SENT FOR FREE. I didn't even have to pay shipping. Now THAT is service. Especially since I told them it was 100% the EVGA power supply that caused the fire.

Next e-mail was to EVGA. They got back to me three hours later, but as it was the wekeend.. Not much they could do with without upper management approval. I told the tech "I am going to order a new motherboard and a new power supply (told him about NZXT above) because I have to get this PC back up and running, especially since I don't know what's good and what's bad". His reply was "Not a problem, we will likely reimburse you given this as this is the worst faulty PSU I have ever seen".

Simple right? WRONG.

Monday rolls around.. No word. OK cool.. Tuesday rolls around. "Still waiting on management".

Wednesday rolls around "Still waiting on management re-guarding the Motherboard reimbursement but let's go ahead and RMA the PSU and Graphics card. I need a credit card on file and you'll need to send those items back to be swapped out".

No thanks. I'd like a full decision on everything. And what I need is reimbursement for the parts I have already purchased (as we discussed on Friday) due to the faulty PSU fire. "Well.. You'll likely need to return the items you bought, we will send you a new PSU and likely we will provide you with an EVGA motherboard but I am still waiting for approval on that". I said that I will need to pay a restocking fee for opened and installed parts to which he replied "I don't know of any company that would charge you a restocking fee".

I am BAFFLED at this point.. Does he not realize that EVGA, the company he works for charged a 15% restocking fee on parts open USED OR NOT USED?

This is where we left things.. I told him to get me in touch with someone who can actually make the decisions as this back and fourth to no where is wasting my time. So here I am. A week later sharing my story with you. Make of it what you will.. But so far I am not impressed AT ALL with their warranty service and their lack of communication.

Apparently a faulty PSU that starts a fire isn't that big of a deal. I am just glad I was home as if it was two hours later. We both would have been gone and there is no doubt that faulty PSU fire would have set the house on fire. Luckily the fire alarm went off and we were able to get to it pretty quickly and act quickly.

I'll update once EVGA still decides to give me the run around or actually owns up and takes care of the issue. They should be bending over backwards to get this taken care of considering I am going through the trouble to get this rebuilt, repainted, etc..

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Wow, that's bad but could have been so much worse. Phew!

I personally think you have been incredibly reasonable and that you should also get compensation from EVGA!
Holy shite! I have never seen anything like that! That is frighteningly bad. Hope all works out with the replacements.
Well, it IS a "Supernova" PSU and we all know how hot those things get ;).

Seriously though, I'm glad you had a fire extinguisher to hand and were able to deal with the fire before it got out of hand.

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